Motorcycle Helmet Evangelists – Are You One?

Motorcycle HelmetAre you one? Nope, me neither. Though we all know they to do not we? The motorcycle riders that are Motorcycle Helmet Evangelists.

You will be imagining, “What the hell is Mike rambling on about?” Please, aficionados of 2 wheeled transport, allow me to take a minute or 2 of your moment to explain.

The Motorcycle Helmet Evangelists would be the men who continuously preach to us about motorcycle helmets. They fall into 2 camps the people that wear’ em and also the ones that do not. And now you know where this’s headed right? You are on a drive, plus you see a fellow biker and before pleasantries are clarified, he’ll dive in about the evils of being pressured to use a helmet, the way its all a communist plot, subversives at your workplace, intrusion of our essential right to undertake what we love when we want and also to hell with the consequences….

Or maybe he’ll instantly release right into a tirade of stats about the way all those stupid riders which go lidless are pressing up almost all our insurance premiums, do not need to have hospital treatment, ought to remain to fend for themselves at the edge of roadway when, not in case they have that really serious crash at the center of nowhere… motorcycle helmets are a must.

Guys and stop, females.

Motorcycle HelmetThink.

Do we want it? I mean do we actually have to turn on one another when we’ve many people gunning for us currently? Motorcycle legislation is growing worldwide, despite the distinct advantages associated with 2 wheels as an affordable way of transportation for the masses. Why try and force individuals to automobile share when operating a motorcycle can occasionally be much better for the earth? And also would not we all, even the majority of the cage drivers, love to see fewer automobiles on the road?

So what do we do? Good, we could prevent sniping at some other motorcycle riders since they do or do not wear motorcycle helmets. I’ll usually decide to use a motorcycle helmet, that is my choice. I also elect to use leather boots and coat (not often on a motorbike but allows not get into my sordid private life). Though I will not throw away my electricity chipping away at some other bikers since they will choose not to use a helmet. I would prefer to work with my energy to positively encourage the using of motorcycles typically as a viable way of transport for most, not the couple of.

And in case several of the converts to motorcycle riding opt to use a motorcycle helmet, or perhaps not as the situation might be, well anything. I might live with that knowing you will find more bikers around.