Vinyl Wood Plank Floors: An Alternative to Solid Wood

In case you are a do-it-yourself type homeowner who’s thinking about the advantages of wood flooring for your house then you might want to look into installing vinyl wood plank flooring surfaces. These floors are a good option to solid wood flooring as a result of their simplicity of set up, the appearance of genuine wood they offer, and the significant cost savings they provide over solid wood floors.

There are many good things about adding vinyl wood plank floors for your house. The price savings of vinyl wood floors than solid wood flooring is one factor which is important that you cannot ignore. Nowadays, businesses are able to create unbelievably realistic looking wood floors from vinyl material. They have created the capability to imitate numerous species in huge colors and stain variations. Another essential facet of vinyl wood flooring which really makes it appealing to homeowners is the simplicity in keeping it. Only a damp mop with a few all-purpose cleaners is all that is required cleaning these floors.

Vinyl Plank FlooringNevertheless, the main disadvantage of vinyl wood plank floor surfaces is their failure to be refinished and fairly short life span compared to solid wood floors. Based on the thickness, maker, and foot traffic volume, vinyl wood plank floors final about an average of five to eight years. After the floor has come to the conclusion of its daily life, it is going to have to be eliminated and a brand new floor installed. Solid wood floors pay for the homeowner the capability to refinish them a few times, even enabling the power to change stain styles and variations. Most homeowners would want to stay away from the inconvenience associated with changing some flooring type in heavy traffic areas, for example, Kitchens and hallways.

But what truly makes vinyl wood flooring really appealing to convenient homeowners is the simplicity in which these floor surfaces are installed. Almost all that’s necessary to put in these floors is a utility blade having a sharp blade along with a tape measure. When considering installing among these floors, it is crucial that you realize that they are able to be fitted over both concrete or maybe wood subfloor. Nevertheless, the subfloor should be soft before adding the vinyl flooring. This might call for a little dash patching or maybe self-leveling ingredients for concrete subfloors with obvious cracks or depressions. It is likewise advised to seal the concrete subfloor to guard against moisture before adding a vinyl floor. With time, excessive moisture is able to result in bubbles developing in the vinyl flooring.

In order to start the installation, it is essential to identify the middle point of the home since your starting point. The way, you have ensured even cuts on each side of the room along with asymmetrical general layout. Some manufacturers offer “peel-n-stick” vinyl floors signifying the adhesive has been put on on the rear of the vinyl flooring piece. Almost all that is required to put in the vinyl plank is peeling off the defensive newspaper and securely press the plank in position. For vinyl flooring which doesn’t have pre-applied adhesive backing generally, there are many floor types of glue sold today which may be substituted instead. Application on the glue takes a 1/16″ trowel and generally takes approximately forty-five minutes to one hour to set up. A fast way to determine whether the glue is prepared is touching it carefully with your finger. If it is tacky to the contact without making any residue on your finger, then it is prepared for use.

Unlike wood floors, vinyl timber plank floors do not need a miter saw to finish the cuts around the space. The vinyl substance enables planks being cut to size with nothing much more than a great utility blade and a precise tape measure. For beginning handymen, setting up 1 of those vinyl floors in an entry Hall, Kitchen, as well as Bathroom is an excellent initial project to tackle.

It is not surprising with installation factors like these, and the general reduced price of vinyl flooring, the reason these floors are very appealing to the typical homeowner. Today, consumers have countless choices in colors and styles to select from with regards to vinyl timber plank flooring surfaces. As it is very simple to set up and also involves hardly any resources, including a beginner do-it-yourself homeowner may set up a vinyl wood plank flooring with results that are excellent. When it comes to shopping for vinyl plank floors, the wide variety of options is a major perk for homeowners. Get a free estimate today from Empire Floors.